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Knives and blades

The Kinetic Co. Inc., has a long history of providing the highest quality industrial knives to the paper, film and foil industries. Our company was founded in 1948 because the industry needed better knives than the ones that were available in the marketplace at that time. Kinetic was the first manufacturer to apply advanced, high-speed steels to improve the performance of knives in these industries.

As industry technology has progressed, so have Kinetic industrial knives. Today, our material expertise is the best in the knife industry. Our on-staff knife experts match the right knife material to your application. Then, we provide an uncompromising heat-treating and finishing process that results in consistent, accurate knives that provide high productivity and cost-effective performance.

Kinetic has expanded our product offering allowing us to provide more solutions for tissue, towel, napkin, sanitary, non-woven, wipes, packaging, and wrapping applications. We now offer rolls – both new and repairs or recoats.

Dryer sections upgrades

Drying is one of the less considered, but most energy-consuming aspects of paper making.

TT SteelDryer. Toscotec pioneered the production of TT SteelDryer in the early 1960’s, setting itself today as the major supplier of TT SteelDryer and TT SteelYankeeDryer.
Since that initial inception, continuous effort put into research and development of pressure vessels together with a long reference list, has earned Toscotec its leading position in the supply of steel drying cylinders, MG cylinders and Yankee dryers.
Toscotec supplies steel drying cylinders worldwide according to ASME regulations, PED directives or any other specific legislation as set by the operating country.

With TT SteelDryer as a key component, Toscotec is a major partner to the paper makers to supply complete drying sections or rebuilds.

The proven Toscotec experience and design offer several solutions to upgrade existing dryer sections for increased drying capacity and improved operating efficiency at minimal investment cost. Toscotec works with customers to overcome any drying capacity bottlenecks, improve drying efficiency and machine runnability.
Single-felted drying sections with vacuum felt roll arrangements can be supplied in order to reduce paper breaks at increased speed as well as to stabilize the paper sheet and optimize drying capacity.
Where the traditional, double felted drying groups are considered, these groups are engineered and delivered in a compact and efficient configuration.

TT SteelDryer has a higher heat transfer rate thanks to the reduced shell thickness when compared to cast iron dryers.
TT SteelDryers have provided up to 30% more drying capacity than their cast iron equivalent.
In the case of a new paper machine it is possible to use fewer dryers, which clearly results ( IMMAGINE ) in a reduced investment cost and space with   reduced investment in the building.


As a rebuilding tool when upgrading an existing paper machine, there is significant increased drying capacity when simply replacing the cast iron dryers without elongating the paper machine. Moreover, thanks to its construction with flat heads welded to the shell, the TT SteeDryer allows a wider paper sheet than a conventional cast iron cylinder with the same face length. The highest safety and reduced maintenance, compared to cast iron, are also important benefits of Toscotec TT SteelDryer.

Tail Threading System

Mantech Advanced Paper Systems (APS) offers innovative solutions to all paper and pulp machine threading, cross machine tail cutters, rope diverter and sheet breaker projects. Our equipment can effectively manage all machine speeds and paper grades.

Threading applications include press-to-press and press-to-dryer sections, size press and coater sections, dryer-to-calender and calender auto threading, calender-to-reel and virtually any intermediate auto-threading sections.

Our compact tail cutters utilize low-pressure water, fixed or rotating blades and are suitable for wet or dry applications.

Rope diverters automatically reposition rope runs around scanners and away from edge markers or environmentally hostile areas during production.

Safety is a key component of our business. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to make the workplace safer, whether it’s reducing repetitive strain or preventing more catastrophic injury. We have integrated our customized solutions into a variety of different workplace environments, all with a focus on safety, while keeping production efficiency in mind.

Successful threading requires three key steps: cut, control and transfer. Our equipment is world-renowned because of our ability to reliably achieve each of these stages.  Each system is custom-designed to fit into the unique geometry and meet the particular requirements of the mill’s paper machine (position, product and speed).

Paper Machine Steam handling Systems

Deublin steam joints enhance productivity by inducing steam into the rolls and removing condensate more reliably.  Features include easy siphon adjustment, thick-walled rotors that resist breakage, and wear indicators to assist in planned maintenance.

Pressurized Screen Cylinders and Rotors for Virgin and Recycle Process Screening

As a global leader in the screening of pulp stock, Kadant offers a full range of options for fine, coarse, machine, or knotter screening. Robust and cost-effective solutions for wastepaper recycling, deinking or virgin fiber processing, our screens are the industry standard for performance and innovation. Perfect for broke, approach flow and fractionation systems, fines recovery and aggressive washing operations.

Low Consistency ( Paper-Tissue and Board Mills)

For stock preparation, our continuous improvement approach offers custom solutions to optimize fiber development and specific energy consumption in low consistency refiner plate applications.

Recent advancements in casting and metallurgical technology have resulted in lower energy, reduced furnish costs and faster paper machine speeds. One of our engineers can audit your system and recommend a low consistency refiner plate design to meet your paper machine productivity goals.

J&L’s “Six Step Refiner Optimization Process” (shown below right) helps to identify your mill’s most challenging situations and helps create custom solutions. We will enhance your refiner productivity by sharing application expertise while matching refining parameters to achieve pulp/paper/board properties through plate design and alloy technology.

Plate design techniques are carefully crafted to:

  • Reduce Bar Breakage
  • Reduce Fiber Plugging
  • Reduce Pulp & Paper Mill Shive Levels
  • Reduce Furnish Costs
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Enhance Plate Life

Together, the steps in our proven process will result in:

  • Increased Plate Life
  • Reduced Plate Breakage
  • Reduced Plate Plugging Problems
  • Improved Pulp Strength or Quality
  • Reduced Sheet Breaks
  • Lower Shive Levels
  • Reduced Fines
  • Lower Furnish Costs
  • Increased Refining Capacity
  • Energy Savings
  • Higher Production Rates

For High Consistency ( TMP-MDF )

J&L Fiber Services’ high consistency refiner plates, or mechanical pulping plate, designs and alloys help you harness the production cost of your refiner system so you can best use it to your advantage.  In high consistency refining of paper, Medium Density Fiberboard [MDF] and other board applications, they can impact your bottom line by:

  • Reducing Energy Requirements
  • Extending Plate Life
  • Improving Pulp Quality, and
  • Increasing Refiner Efficiency

J&L’s alloys are specifically designed to solve refiner plate issues including :

  • Bar Edge Rounding
  • Cavitation
  • Serration
  • Corrosion, and
  • Bar Breakage

J&L continues to develop alloys that meet your refiner plate needs leading to longer life.

Refiner Plates

J&L Fiber Services’ refiner plates improve fiber quality and reduce energy costs in fiberboard applications. Higher quality at lower prices is what we deliver in our fiberboard refiner plates.

For your fiberboard refiner plate needs, BidirectionalUnidirectional and FiberPro plate designs can be customized to include our Venturi and ProGuard features to increase refiner efficiency and fiber quality.

Headbox Sheets- Lexan and CPVC

BTG headbox sheets improve the operations of the paper machine. The headbox nozzle is a critical area in developing high-quality paper parameters. Therefore, our unique manufacturing process produces sheets of highest quality.

We offer the smoothest polycarbonate surface in the industry through a special finishing process that provides an extremely smooth finished surface. In addition, we can apply a surface modifier to enhance the material’s release aspect -promoting even cleaner operating sheets.

The sheet tip is the primary controlling item in developing the nozzle flow characteristics. Sheets come in various tip designs including: “Blunt”, “Tapered” and “Serrated”.

Two different types of material are available:  Polycarbonate and CPVC

BTG uses a unique and proprietary flow modeling technique we refer to as “Energy Expansion” calculations.  This method allows us to easily review the effect that specific sheet designs have on the flow inside of the headbox nozzle while also being able to categorize the fiber activity levels present. In turn we can then engineer sheet designs to allow the headbox to operate in its ‘sweet spot’. So if you want to improve headbox sheet profile uniformity give a BTG expert a call and let us show you how!

Ceramic Coater Blades

BTG’s experts can help you achieve significant operational savings in any type of paper production–CWF, LWC, packaging board and others—with original high-performance Duroblade® coating blades.

Duroblade coating blades are factory-honed to each customer’s individual requirements. Proven to last up to 10 times longer than conventional steel blades, they wear smoothly and evenly to maintain excellent coatweight profiles. With specific tip materials to enhance coatweight application, smoothness, gloss and fiber coverage, Duroblade coating blades are customized to meet your needs.

Customized to your needs

We take the time to understand your specific needs and can make Duroblade coating blades available in a variety of materials to meet your needs and applications:

  • Ceramics family – offers long lifetimes, stable running conditions, better coatweight control, and enhanced paper surface qualities;
  • Cermet family – enhances surface smoothness and reduces streaks, lines and scratches in CWF and packaging grades;
  • Soft Tip – incorporates a unique technology for contour coating, which provides exceptional fiber coverage and higher solids content—perfect in board applications

Metering Rods and Beds for Coating and sizing

Our experts can help you achieve significant operational savings in coating and metering. You will also benefit from unmatched flexibility and advanced system capabilities with chrome-plated and ceramic Durorod® rods, rod beds and accessories.

Durorod products minimize coating formulation adjustment problems and are less sensitive to high machine speeds. In addition, after discussions with our specialists we can custom-design these products to meet your specific needs.

Our internationally recognized quality measurement and improvement system and expertise – our Optical Measurement Inspection System (OMIS) – guarantees faultless products. This ensures you get the hardest, smoothest rods in the industry.

You can also enjoy the same outstanding quality and service with Durorod rod beds and other accessories for coating and surface sizing, including:

  • Chrome-plated Durorod
  • Ceramic Durorod
  • Rod beds
  • Wipes