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Teflon Covers and Sleeves

Edlon has more than 40 years experience supplying roll release solutions to the papermaking and converting industry. It offers roll covers Teflon® and Roll-Coat™ coatings for dryer, bowed, carrying, lump-breaker and felt rolls. These heat-shrinkable covers and spray-applied coatings eliminate many of the traditional roll problems associated with paper production such as build-up, corrosion, and frequent downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Edlon‘s roll covers and coatings offer a superior high-release surface that resists adherence by foreign substances and eliminates sticking, picking, and corrosion.  With proprietary On-Machine Seaming technology (OMSTM), Edlon field service technicians can install a heat-shrinkable sleeve on a dryer without removing it from the paper machine. All covers are compatible with a variety of substrates including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, fiberglass, carbon steel and rubber.

Edlon roll covers and Roll-Coat coatings keep dryer rolls clean and smooth even after years of use. Because there is less fiber picking and build-up, there are fewer stops for cleanup and maintenance, enabling rolls to run longer, faster, and at higher temperatures. The end results are increased production efficiency, higher quality paper, and substantial savings in time and money