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Tail Threading System

Mantech Advanced Paper Systems (APS) offers innovative solutions to all paper and pulp machine threading, cross machine tail cutters, rope diverter and sheet breaker projects. Our equipment can effectively manage all machine speeds and paper grades.

Threading applications include press-to-press and press-to-dryer sections, size press and coater sections, dryer-to-calender and calender auto threading, calender-to-reel and virtually any intermediate auto-threading sections.

Our compact tail cutters utilize low-pressure water, fixed or rotating blades and are suitable for wet or dry applications.

Rope diverters automatically reposition rope runs around scanners and away from edge markers or environmentally hostile areas during production.

Safety is a key component of our business. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to make the workplace safer, whether it’s reducing repetitive strain or preventing more catastrophic injury. We have integrated our customized solutions into a variety of different workplace environments, all with a focus on safety, while keeping production efficiency in mind.

Successful threading requires three key steps: cut, control and transfer. Our equipment is world-renowned because of our ability to reliably achieve each of these stages.  Each system is custom-designed to fit into the unique geometry and meet the particular requirements of the mill’s paper machine (position, product and speed).