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Slitting Systems and Slitter Holders

JSI, has developed the first Automated Slitting System with Robotic blade changes. The evolution of old technologies provides many options and optimization not available in the past. With the additional of the robotic axis and returnable blade holders operators no longer have to be responsible for the maintenance and handling of slitter blades.

  • Never have an operator touch a slitter blade
  • Reduce downtime due to blade changes
  • Gain accuracy predicting blade wear
  • Maximize blade life through wear traceability
  • Minimize damaged product due to dull blades

Accu-Slit System

Accu-Slit by JSI is an innovative automatic slitter positioning system that sets in five seconds or less, making it the best choice when minimum positioning time and maximum positioning accuracy are required.
The system utilizes individual brushless linear servo motors on each slitter carriage. Carriages are positioned with linear motors that offer high speed, zero backlash, and maintenance–free, non-contact operation. The linear motor has zero internal moving parts, reducing the chance of breakage or malfunction. Carriage positions are tracked with non-contact magnetic encoders, eliminating the need for homing after a power loss because the absolute position encoders provide instantaneous feedback for each carriage, saving precious time and dollars. The non-contact feature of the components ensures no degradation in performance over time, in contrast to gear and belt-driven systems that wear out with heavy use.

  • Repeatable positioning accuracy of 0.01” or better
  • Minimum cut width of 6”
  • Enclosed, dust-free environment for positioning components
  • Extended service life of all components (no belts, rollers, rotating elements)
  • Available as a standalone system or incorporated into existing systems
  • Available in horizontal and vertical applications

TRP – Transfer Rod Positioning


Transfer rod positioning systems are the solution when simple and effective automatic slitter positioning is needed. This traditional slitter positioning system utilizes a single servo motor with linear transfer rods for top and bottom slitter carriages. These carriages then clamp onto the rods for movement and transfer to the fixed rails during slitter operation. An absolute encoder continually monitors the position of each slitter carriage.

  • Slitter positioning in 45 seconds or less
  • Repeatable positioning accuracy of 0.02” or better
  • Minimum cut width of 6”
  • Available as a standalone system or can be incorporated into many existing winder systems
  • Available for both horizontal and vertical applications

Manual Slitter Positioning (MSP)


The cost-effective manual slitter position (MSP) utilizes slide valve carriage brake control operation. This affordable solution can be upgraded to auto-positioning at a later date.

  • Proven and reliable carriages
  • Available in both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Position feedback available as an option

Custom Built Systems


JSI offers custom-built slitter section upgrades and partial rebuilds to existing systems, including beam replacements, carriage rebuilds, and slitter unit upgrades to OEM systems.
JSI also provides custom-designed solutions to replace nearly any OEM component.

Pre-Trim Slitter Units


Pre-trim slitter units are structurally rigid, easy to set up, and effective on any PM or Converting application. Self-contained pre-trim units are a continuously-moving web with quick and easy width and depth adjustment. Pre-trim slitter units are equipped with our patent-pending Quick Cap design for quick, safe, and easy top knife changes and a bottom-driven anvil on a completely independent trim assembly. These ergonomically-designed, operator-friendly units are durable, safe, and can exceed 7,000 FPM.

Double Trim Slitter Units


Double trim slitter units are a safer and more effective way to eliminate butt rolls while reducing paper jams in the trim chute, resulting in a faster winder. Splitting the trim allows the continuous feed to cross-hatch into the trim chute system, minimizing the binding effects of wide trim. Double trim slitter units are equipped with our patent-pending Quick Cap design for quick, safe, and easy top knife changes, a cost-effective way to improve production times.

Trim Removal System


Trim removal systems provide customers with turnkey solutions for all material handling needs. There are 12 standard pre-fabricated options to remove trim scrap, paper waste, foil, laminates, cloth, carpet, and a number of other materials. Each are dependable, maintenance-free models that come in vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree arrangements, making them portable and self-contained to meet each plant’s needs.
JSI also can customize a material handling solution or build an automated material handling system based on a company’s need and budget.

Quick Change Holder by JSI


The Quick Change Series Holder provides a safer and more efficient blade exchange process, a revolutionary approach to slitter section maintenance. The Quick Change Series Holder allows the user to exchange slitter blades in less than nine seconds without the use of tools. The blade is changed in seconds with the push of a button, guarding employee safety and ensuring a smoother production process.
This revolutionary design mechanically holds the blades in place and releases them when pneumatic pressure is applied, preserving the holder integrity if air pressure drops or is lost during operation of the slitter machine. This state-of-the-art design incorporates a custom-made pneumatic valve and bypass valve, preventing the slitter release feature from engaging while the slitter is engaged in position.

  • Greatly reduces the operator’s contact, reducing risk of injury
  • No tools required to change the blade
  • One-step blade removal process
  • Change the blade in less than nine seconds
  • Blades removed only under pressure
  • Decreased maintenance costs and increased reliability
  • Increased depth adjustments for extended blade life
  • Enclosed and sealed cartridge design eliminates dust buildup
  • Available immediately for stock

Existing machinery from Valmet, Metso, Wartsila, Beloits, Mario Cotta, Tildands and Beloit-Lenox can be retrofit with the Quick Change Series Holder by JSI.

Accu-set Holder by JSI


The Accu-set Holder by JSI Holder has:

  • Depth setting with indication according to blade diameter
  • Adjustable, lock-in-place blade that can’t angle
  • Turn knob engage and disengage function
  • Push button cap release
  • Quick removal of cap for fast and safe tool-free blade change
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Reversible cutting head for left or right hand application
  • Extended service life design
  • Can be retrofitted to replace most OEM holders

SSP – JSI Slitter Solution Program


The Problem:

Ensuring optimal slitting performance is a combination of a number of factors:

  • The condition of slitter equipment
  • Operator skill
  • Blade and band quality
  • Sharpening quality

If any factors are not functioning properly, it can result in a shortened slitter life and excessive downtime for slitter changes and return roll due to dusting and rough edges. Managing this process can be costly and time consuming.

The Solution:

The Slitter Solution Program (SSP) is a comprehensive solution configured specifically for your slitter section needs. The SSP will help your mill control the slitting process, extending blade life and band change intervals while improving roll quality. Implementing SSP by JSI will help decrease maintenance costs and increase efficiency.

Precision Grinding:

  • Super finishing creates the sharpest edge available in the industry on new and sharpened top slitters and bottom bands. All have OEM specification or customer-supplied specifications.
  • Superior cut quality and improved roll quality
  • Increased blade and band life and minimal slitter dusting
  • Safety coating for edge protection and worker safety

Inventory Management:

  • Replace blades and bands of the highest-quality tungsten carbide and powdered metal once the existing blades reach the end of their useful life
  • Bi-weekly pick-up and delivery service from one of our six service center locations throughout the United States

Slitter Section Audits:

  • Scheduled service visits, by a JSI Field Service Technician, to include hands on and visual inspection of the slitter section

Technical Operator Training:

  • Safe and proper handling techniques of the slitter blades and bands
  • How to properly set up top slitters and bottom bands to avoid a slitter “crash”
  • Learn holder geometry, including blade angle and cant angle
  • How to use set-up gauges
  • Slitter section troubleshooting
  • Classes performed at the machine or in the classroom

Support Services:

  • JSI’s experienced team provides ongoing consulting of the slitting process to improve cut quality and blade life. As your partner, JSI will continuously evaluate operating conditions, procedures, and maintenance practices to help decrease maintenance cost and increase efficiency.
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Emergency onsite visit by a JSI Technical Field Service Rep within 24 hours of the initial call
  • Once price “all inclusive” monthly package invoicing

Spare Parts


JSI is committed to supplying equal or superior quality spare parts to our customers.
JSI has access to the same manufacturers as the original machine suppliers, so our spare parts are genuine OEM replacements.
JSI has the answer for the part in question, whether that part is a specialty cable, a metric size part, or even a part that is no longer manufactured. Through our global connections, we can secure a wide variety of spares. For those parts no longer available, we can reverse-engineer those parts at our manufacturing plant in Tyrone, GA.
A sampling of our spare parts offerings include:

  • Holders
  • Carriages
  • Guards
  • Linear rails

Safety Guard Accessories


At JSI, the safety of employees is of utmost importance. JSI offers safety guards on holders to help minimize the risk of operator injury while the upper and lower knives are engaged. Blade handler accessories prevent the operator from handling the sharp blades.

Circular Blades and Bands


JSI offers high-precision slitter knives made from the highest-quality steel to provide optimum performance. Our “super finished” cutting edge will dramatically improve cut quality, extend blade life, and reduce maintenance cost.

With a variety of steel available, JSI expertly guides decisions and applications to achieve optimum cut quality, along with longer blade and band life.

    • Carbon tool steel – 52100, A2 (1.2363), S7, L3 (1.2067)
    • Chromium molybdenum steel – A8 (1.2345), A8 Modified (K329 / 1.2345.7)
    • High-carbon high chrome steel – D2 (1.2379), D6 (1.2436)
    • High-speed steel – M2 (1.3343), M3 (1.3344), M42 (1.3247)
    • Powdered HSS – CPM10V, CPM15V, CPMM4, ASP2023, ASP2053, VANADIS 10
    • Tungsten carbide – super-fine and super-micro-fine grain grades available

The following OEM knives are available immediately:

      • Metso
      • Beloit
      • Jagenberg
      • Tidland
      • GL & V
      • E.C.H. Will
      • Bielomatik
      • Cameron
      • Black Clawson

JSI also provides custom-made knives to match existing machine specifications. All knives are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. All blades are packaged with a protective coating for safe handling.

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Dryer and Press felt on line Cleaning system

Features & Benefits

  • Mist free operation because of airknives;
  • Strip cleaning or edge cleaning possible;
  • No more dirty streaks caused by clogged nozzles, because nozzles cover the entire fabric width;
  • Thee (3) different nozzle angles: enhanced cleaning;
  • Much lower water consumption (5ltr/min vs. >100ltr/min);
  • Discharge of impurities outside machine;
  • Park position outside machine: possible nozzle change during production and automatic self cleaning.

Energy data, Type F (Forming Fabrics)

  • Maximum pressure: 200 bar (3000 psig);
  • Water consumption: 5 l/min (1.2 GPM);
  • Compressed air consumption: 1.0 m³/min (35 CFM).


Energy data, Type P (Press Felts)

  • Maximum pressure: 50 bar (700 psig);
  • Water consumption: < 4 l/min (< 1.0 GPM);
  • Compressed air consumption: 1.0 m³/min (35 CFM).

Return on investment

  • Longer lifetime of felts: up to 70%;
  • Reduction of breaks due to dirty felts: up to 100%;
  • Elimination of downtime for manual cleaning;
  • Reduction of chemicals: up to 100%;
  • Elimination of downgrades caused by marking on the sheet by stickies on rolls or fabrics;
  • Better CD profile: up to 0.7% dryness increase coming out of Press Section;
  • Elimination of HP shower: reduction of water consumption:
    100l/min >> 5l/min.
  • Up to 5 cleaners on 1 pump station;
  • Up to 5 cleaners on 1 control system.

Teflon Covers and Sleeves

Edlon has more than 40 years experience supplying roll release solutions to the papermaking and converting industry. It offers roll covers Teflon® and Roll-Coat™ coatings for dryer, bowed, carrying, lump-breaker and felt rolls. These heat-shrinkable covers and spray-applied coatings eliminate many of the traditional roll problems associated with paper production such as build-up, corrosion, and frequent downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Edlon‘s roll covers and coatings offer a superior high-release surface that resists adherence by foreign substances and eliminates sticking, picking, and corrosion.  With proprietary On-Machine Seaming technology (OMSTM), Edlon field service technicians can install a heat-shrinkable sleeve on a dryer without removing it from the paper machine. All covers are compatible with a variety of substrates including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, fiberglass, carbon steel and rubber.

Edlon roll covers and Roll-Coat coatings keep dryer rolls clean and smooth even after years of use. Because there is less fiber picking and build-up, there are fewer stops for cleanup and maintenance, enabling rolls to run longer, faster, and at higher temperatures. The end results are increased production efficiency, higher quality paper, and substantial savings in time and money

Tail Threading System

Mantech Advanced Paper Systems (APS) offers innovative solutions to all paper and pulp machine threading, cross machine tail cutters, rope diverter and sheet breaker projects. Our equipment can effectively manage all machine speeds and paper grades.

Threading applications include press-to-press and press-to-dryer sections, size press and coater sections, dryer-to-calender and calender auto threading, calender-to-reel and virtually any intermediate auto-threading sections.

Our compact tail cutters utilize low-pressure water, fixed or rotating blades and are suitable for wet or dry applications.

Rope diverters automatically reposition rope runs around scanners and away from edge markers or environmentally hostile areas during production.

Safety is a key component of our business. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to make the workplace safer, whether it’s reducing repetitive strain or preventing more catastrophic injury. We have integrated our customized solutions into a variety of different workplace environments, all with a focus on safety, while keeping production efficiency in mind.

Successful threading requires three key steps: cut, control and transfer. Our equipment is world-renowned because of our ability to reliably achieve each of these stages.  Each system is custom-designed to fit into the unique geometry and meet the particular requirements of the mill’s paper machine (position, product and speed).

Headbox Sheets- Lexan and CPVC

BTG headbox sheets improve the operations of the paper machine. The headbox nozzle is a critical area in developing high-quality paper parameters. Therefore, our unique manufacturing process produces sheets of highest quality.

We offer the smoothest polycarbonate surface in the industry through a special finishing process that provides an extremely smooth finished surface. In addition, we can apply a surface modifier to enhance the material’s release aspect -promoting even cleaner operating sheets.

The sheet tip is the primary controlling item in developing the nozzle flow characteristics. Sheets come in various tip designs including: “Blunt”, “Tapered” and “Serrated”.

Two different types of material are available:  Polycarbonate and CPVC

BTG uses a unique and proprietary flow modeling technique we refer to as “Energy Expansion” calculations.  This method allows us to easily review the effect that specific sheet designs have on the flow inside of the headbox nozzle while also being able to categorize the fiber activity levels present. In turn we can then engineer sheet designs to allow the headbox to operate in its ‘sweet spot’. So if you want to improve headbox sheet profile uniformity give a BTG expert a call and let us show you how!

Ceramic Coater Blades

BTG’s experts can help you achieve significant operational savings in any type of paper production–CWF, LWC, packaging board and others—with original high-performance Duroblade® coating blades.

Duroblade coating blades are factory-honed to each customer’s individual requirements. Proven to last up to 10 times longer than conventional steel blades, they wear smoothly and evenly to maintain excellent coatweight profiles. With specific tip materials to enhance coatweight application, smoothness, gloss and fiber coverage, Duroblade coating blades are customized to meet your needs.

Customized to your needs

We take the time to understand your specific needs and can make Duroblade coating blades available in a variety of materials to meet your needs and applications:

  • Ceramics family – offers long lifetimes, stable running conditions, better coatweight control, and enhanced paper surface qualities;
  • Cermet family – enhances surface smoothness and reduces streaks, lines and scratches in CWF and packaging grades;
  • Soft Tip – incorporates a unique technology for contour coating, which provides exceptional fiber coverage and higher solids content—perfect in board applications

Metering Rods and Beds for Coating and sizing

Our experts can help you achieve significant operational savings in coating and metering. You will also benefit from unmatched flexibility and advanced system capabilities with chrome-plated and ceramic Durorod® rods, rod beds and accessories.

Durorod products minimize coating formulation adjustment problems and are less sensitive to high machine speeds. In addition, after discussions with our specialists we can custom-design these products to meet your specific needs.

Our internationally recognized quality measurement and improvement system and expertise – our Optical Measurement Inspection System (OMIS) – guarantees faultless products. This ensures you get the hardest, smoothest rods in the industry.

You can also enjoy the same outstanding quality and service with Durorod rod beds and other accessories for coating and surface sizing, including:

  • Chrome-plated Durorod
  • Ceramic Durorod
  • Rod beds
  • Wipes