Metering Rods and Beds for Coating and sizing

Our experts can help you achieve significant operational savings in coating and metering. You will also benefit from unmatched flexibility and advanced system capabilities with chrome-plated and ceramic Durorod® rods, rod beds and accessories.

Durorod products minimize coating formulation adjustment problems and are less sensitive to high machine speeds. In addition, after discussions with our specialists we can custom-design these products to meet your specific needs.

Our internationally recognized quality measurement and improvement system and expertise – our Optical Measurement Inspection System (OMIS) – guarantees faultless products. This ensures you get the hardest, smoothest rods in the industry.

You can also enjoy the same outstanding quality and service with Durorod rod beds and other accessories for coating and surface sizing, including:

  • Chrome-plated Durorod
  • Ceramic Durorod
  • Rod beds
  • Wipes