We commit to understand your technical and commercial needs, supply innovative best in class performing products, and optimize your process with expertise and local service, care and attention.

Tail threading

Automatic Tail Threading system are a great tool to save time and to bring safety to a dangerous and tedious part of the paper making process.

You can’t make paper until your machine is threaded and your tail threading system will not work properly ( as good as it may be) if it is not maintained. Our experienced crew in installation and maintenance of such systems as been contributing to maintaining the efficiency of these systems in eastern Canadian mills for more than 10 years now.

A system with improper air levels, plugged nozzles or even leaking hoses may create extreme problems in the Tail threading.  These may actually cause safety hazards since operators will have manual interventions which is exactly what these systems have been put in service to alleviate.

Simple regular maintenance by the experienced F.P. Coinner crew will insure reliable and trouble free Tail Threading.

Refining and Screening System audits

In order to place our customer in best product and or to optimize the energy usage and product development, we perform basic process audits around the refining and screening system.

In many instances, we have been able to recommend small changes that have resulted in large $$ savings for our customers.

Disc Thickener and Save-All Audits

Disc Thickeners and Save-alls are one of the most neglected pieces of equipment in a pulp mill and a paper mill. Although they are a crucial piece of equipment, most mills do not put the maintenance and optimization efforts into them until there is a problem.


There are three main reasons for this:

  • There are too many other issues to deal with in a day to day pulp and paper mill environment and less and less people to deal with them.

  • Disc filters are usually several floors up from the operating floors and tucked away in a corner somewhere. Out of sight and out of mind.

  • The knowledge of how to operate them efficiently has been lost over time.


All this time, paper machines have gotten faster and demands for more thickening and more fiber recovery has increased.

An efficient running disc thickener will give a mill more storage capacity of thick stock. Gains can be substantial.

At F.P. Coinner, we have the expertise to audit disc thickeners and save-alls and make recommendations to optimize their operation.

Rope transfer systems audits

We are so used to having the tail break apart in the ropes and transfers from rope section to rope section not going smoothly that we accept it as the norm.

It is not normal. A properly designed rope transfer system transfers the paper tail from section to section without shredding. We at F.P. Coinner have audited rope systems throughout our territory and helped our customers optimize their transfer systems.

Our audits consist of verifying rope runs to ensure that all pullies are properly aligned and not causing excessive wear. We ensure that all the pullies have bearings that are in good condition. We verify that the ropes are not rubbing against each other, machine clothing or on parts of the frame or rolls. We verify that your rope stretchers are operating correctly. Finally and most importantly, we make sure that rope transfers are designed and set up properly for a smooth transition of the tail from one section to the next.

In a few instances where we have provided our audits and supervised improvements to rope systems and transfers, our customers have been able to reduce their transfer downtimes significantly.