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Dryer sections upgrades

Drying is one of the less considered, but most energy-consuming aspects of paper making.

TT SteelDryer. Toscotec pioneered the production of TT SteelDryer in the early 1960’s, setting itself today as the major supplier of TT SteelDryer and TT SteelYankeeDryer.
Since that initial inception, continuous effort put into research and development of pressure vessels together with a long reference list, has earned Toscotec its leading position in the supply of steel drying cylinders, MG cylinders and Yankee dryers.
Toscotec supplies steel drying cylinders worldwide according to ASME regulations, PED directives or any other specific legislation as set by the operating country.

With TT SteelDryer as a key component, Toscotec is a major partner to the paper makers to supply complete drying sections or rebuilds.

The proven Toscotec experience and design offer several solutions to upgrade existing dryer sections for increased drying capacity and improved operating efficiency at minimal investment cost. Toscotec works with customers to overcome any drying capacity bottlenecks, improve drying efficiency and machine runnability.
Single-felted drying sections with vacuum felt roll arrangements can be supplied in order to reduce paper breaks at increased speed as well as to stabilize the paper sheet and optimize drying capacity.
Where the traditional, double felted drying groups are considered, these groups are engineered and delivered in a compact and efficient configuration.

TT SteelDryer has a higher heat transfer rate thanks to the reduced shell thickness when compared to cast iron dryers.
TT SteelDryers have provided up to 30% more drying capacity than their cast iron equivalent.
In the case of a new paper machine it is possible to use fewer dryers, which clearly results ( IMMAGINE ) in a reduced investment cost and space with   reduced investment in the building.


As a rebuilding tool when upgrading an existing paper machine, there is significant increased drying capacity when simply replacing the cast iron dryers without elongating the paper machine. Moreover, thanks to its construction with flat heads welded to the shell, the TT SteeDryer allows a wider paper sheet than a conventional cast iron cylinder with the same face length. The highest safety and reduced maintenance, compared to cast iron, are also important benefits of Toscotec TT SteelDryer.