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Dryer Gears

Spinnaker distributes for Power Train Services, a manufacturer of gearing for dryers in nylon, cast, iron and steel. Their specialized forms increase tooth strength up 17% over conventional gearing. We also supply line shaft cone pulleys, line shaft studies, and gearing & line shaft field services.

Knives and blades

The Kinetic Co. Inc., has a long history of providing the highest quality industrial knives to the paper, film and foil industries. Our company was founded in 1948 because the industry needed better knives than the ones that were available in the marketplace at that time. Kinetic was the first manufacturer to apply advanced, high-speed steels to improve the performance of knives in these industries.

As industry technology has progressed, so have Kinetic industrial knives. Today, our material expertise is the best in the knife industry. Our on-staff knife experts match the right knife material to your application. Then, we provide an uncompromising heat-treating and finishing process that results in consistent, accurate knives that provide high productivity and cost-effective performance.

Kinetic has expanded our product offering allowing us to provide more solutions for tissue, towel, napkin, sanitary, non-woven, wipes, packaging, and wrapping applications. We now offer rolls – both new and repairs or recoats.

Pressurized Screen Cylinders and Rotors for Virgin and Recycle Process Screening

As a global leader in the screening of pulp stock, Kadant offers a full range of options for fine, coarse, machine, or knotter screening. Robust and cost-effective solutions for wastepaper recycling, deinking or virgin fiber processing, our screens are the industry standard for performance and innovation. Perfect for broke, approach flow and fractionation systems, fines recovery and aggressive washing operations.

Refiner Plates

J&L Fiber Services’ refiner plates improve fiber quality and reduce energy costs in fiberboard applications. Higher quality at lower prices is what we deliver in our fiberboard refiner plates.

For your fiberboard refiner plate needs, BidirectionalUnidirectional and FiberPro plate designs can be customized to include our Venturi and ProGuard features to increase refiner efficiency and fiber quality.