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Low Consistency ( Paper-Tissue and Board Mills)

For stock preparation, our continuous improvement approach offers custom solutions to optimize fiber development and specific energy consumption in low consistency refiner plate applications.

Recent advancements in casting and metallurgical technology have resulted in lower energy, reduced furnish costs and faster paper machine speeds. One of our engineers can audit your system and recommend a low consistency refiner plate design to meet your paper machine productivity goals.

J&L’s “Six Step Refiner Optimization Process” (shown below right) helps to identify your mill’s most challenging situations and helps create custom solutions. We will enhance your refiner productivity by sharing application expertise while matching refining parameters to achieve pulp/paper/board properties through plate design and alloy technology.

Plate design techniques are carefully crafted to:

  • Reduce Bar Breakage
  • Reduce Fiber Plugging
  • Reduce Pulp & Paper Mill Shive Levels
  • Reduce Furnish Costs
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Enhance Plate Life

Together, the steps in our proven process will result in:

  • Increased Plate Life
  • Reduced Plate Breakage
  • Reduced Plate Plugging Problems
  • Improved Pulp Strength or Quality
  • Reduced Sheet Breaks
  • Lower Shive Levels
  • Reduced Fines
  • Lower Furnish Costs
  • Increased Refining Capacity
  • Energy Savings
  • Higher Production Rates

For High Consistency ( TMP-MDF )

J&L Fiber Services’ high consistency refiner plates, or mechanical pulping plate, designs and alloys help you harness the production cost of your refiner system so you can best use it to your advantage.  In high consistency refining of paper, Medium Density Fiberboard [MDF] and other board applications, they can impact your bottom line by:

  • Reducing Energy Requirements
  • Extending Plate Life
  • Improving Pulp Quality, and
  • Increasing Refiner Efficiency

J&L’s alloys are specifically designed to solve refiner plate issues including :

  • Bar Edge Rounding
  • Cavitation
  • Serration
  • Corrosion, and
  • Bar Breakage

J&L continues to develop alloys that meet your refiner plate needs leading to longer life.

Refiner Plates

J&L Fiber Services’ refiner plates improve fiber quality and reduce energy costs in fiberboard applications. Higher quality at lower prices is what we deliver in our fiberboard refiner plates.

For your fiberboard refiner plate needs, BidirectionalUnidirectional and FiberPro plate designs can be customized to include our Venturi and ProGuard features to increase refiner efficiency and fiber quality.