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Ceramic Tissue Creping Blades

Duroblade’s long-wearing, high-performance tips and BTG’s unique expertise in creping applications can help you maintain tissue quality, reduce broke, increase process efficiency and ensure consistently high quality across the web.

With its special material structure and its compatibility with the Yankee surface, Duroblade prevents the appearance and development of chatter.

You also benefit from stable creping quality, long lifetime potential and a polyvalence that enhances most creping processes and working conditions. Depending on tip material, Duroblade is also less sensitive to chipping and can provide higher softness, lower dust levels and other benefits.

The result: Longer blade lifetimes, more stable tissue quality, less scrapping and less work in the converting section. With Duroblade—and the combination of Duroblade and our CBCTM—you can achieve new levels of productivity and profitability for your complete production line.

Tips are available in ceramics and cermets.